Ways to Incorporate the Benefits of Feng Shui to Your Yard

When applied to your yard, feng shui design will bring its beneficial energy into your home as well.

Do not be concerned if your yard is considered too small for feng shui design, as size is is not especially relevant. p-368__23140.jpg It is great to have a huge space to work with, but do not worry if the area is small since you can always introduce feng shui design.

The same tools you employ to introduce feng shui design into your home can be used in the garden. In order to understand the energy map, or bagua, of your garden, you will first need to know your home’s bagua.

In order to make the most of feng shui, it is vital to start by understanding how to strengthen each of its five elements.

Feng shui design calls for the Earth element, for example, to be integrated into the northeastern corner of your garden, as that section connects to self-cultivation and personal improvement energy. Since rocks symbolize the Earth element in feng shui, you might consider putting some into a peaceful Zen garden in the northeast corner of your yard.

A water feature is a suitable add-on to the following feng shui areas: Southeast (money & abundance), East (health & family), and North (career & path in life).

The Minoan Culture: Outdoor Fountains

Fountains and Water and the Minoan Civilization These were made use of to provide cities with water as well as to reduce flooding and eliminate waste material. Stone and terracotta were the substances of choice for these conduits. When terracotta was chosen, it was usually for waterways as well as conduits which came in rectangular or round shapes. There are a couple of examples of Minoan clay piping, those with a shortened cone form and a U-shape that haven’t been caught in any culture ever since.

Terracotta piping were put down beneath the flooring at Knossos Palace and used to move water. These Minoan conduits were also used for collecting and stocking water, not just distribution. This called for the terracotta piping to be suitable for holding water without losing it. Underground Water Transportation: At first this particular process appears to have been fashioned not quite for ease but to offer water to specific people or rituals without it being spotted. Quality Water Transportation: There is also information that indicates the piping being utilized to provide for water features separately of the local system.

Creating the Ideal Sanctuary Inside or Outdoors

One simple way to create a tranquil and relaxing area is to put in a feng shui fountain. This can be attained rather simply with a garden or home waterfall. It is a beautiful complement to the decoration of any property. Position your outdoor fountain where you can see it from inside the house as well.

Make sure to include some pretty flowers and plants, as they enhance any water fountain. Opt for plants that keep their loveliness year-round. In addition, consider adding other elements such as an outdoor fireplace, art, or interesting stones.

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