Suggestions for Your Perfect Refuge Indoors or Out

The best feng shui fountain will go a long way towards helping you build a perfect tranquil haven. a-464__91825.jpg A garden or home waterfall is the most effective solution. They are the ideal addition to your household. Install your outdoor fountain where you can see it from indoors as well.

Plants and flowers are also essential for the most gorgeous water fountains. Opt for plants that keep their beauty year-round. The area will be further improved with small adornments like art, a fire pit, or interesting stones.

The Marvelous Santa Maria in Cosmedin Water Fountain in Rome

Archaeologists and restorers on the lookout for pagan and Christian antiquities in Rome have stumbled upon a wealth of them in the area of the Santa Maria in Cosmedin. The famed marble sculpture known as the Bocca della Verità (Mouth of Truth) can be seen in the portico of the basilica nearby. The location of the Santa Maria in Cosmedin fountain (1719) was not in a well-known neighborhood and was, therefore, not often visited.

For the most part, visitors stayed away from the area because it was a bleak and neglected part of the city. It was then that the Italian architect Carlo Bizzaccheri was mandated by Pope Clement XI to build a fountain in the square outside the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin in an attempt to make the area more popular. Work on the church's infrastructure began on on August 11, 1717. The blessing of the first stone to be placed in the foundation was followed by medals being thrown in bearing the images of the Blessed Virgin, for whom the church is named, and St. John the Baptist, the patron saint of water.

Wind Bells and Windchimes: Perfect for the Yard

Go for wind chimes that are basic in design in order to avoid any incongruity in decor styles. The aim is to place them anywhere they will fit and blend in effortlessly. When it comes to wind chimes, the sound is more important than the appearance. As a matter of fact, the more decorative kinds of wind chimes are not fabricated so as to emit the same pure audio quality as those composed of aluminum. When designing your wind chime garden, consider hanging them at different heights. For example, place your wind chimes on a patio, in a smaller tree line and amongst flowers. The sounds will profoundly resonate across your backyard whenever the wind blows. Hanging wind chimes in your eyeline so you can appreciate the sunrise and sunset will allow you to enjoy their aesthetic aspects. Aluminum wind chime gardens fit perfectly with rock configurations, water features (such as a waterfall or a birdbath) and surrounding evergreens.

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