Big Water Features Around the World

Known as the King Fahd Fountain (1985) located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, it is the highest continuously operating fountain in the world. The water here shoots up to a height of 260 meters (853 feet) above the Red Sea.

Reaching water heights of 202 meters (663 feet), the World Cup Fountain in the Han-Gang River in Seoul, Korea (2002), is recognized as the 2nd highest worldwide.

Located near the Mississippi River in St. Louis, Missouri, is 3rd placed Gateway Geyser (1995). p_340__18554.jpg With water reaching 192 meters (630 feet) in the air, this fountain is the tallest in the United States.

The next on the list is Port Fountain located in Karachi, Pakistan which rockets water 190 meters (620 feet) into the sky.

Fountain Park in Fountain Hills, Arizona is number 4: it can jet water 171 meters (561 feet) high when the three pumps function at full capacity, it is usually limited to 91 meters (300 feet).

The Dubai Fountain made its first appearance in 2009 close to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. It performs every 1/2 hour to previously recorded music and propels water up to 73 meters (240 feet) in height -it also has built in extreme shooters, though only used during special events, which reach 150 meters (490 feet) in height.

Making it in the top 8 is the Captain James Cook Memorial Jet in Canberra (1970) which measures 147 meters (482 feet).

And at #8, we have the the Jet d'eau, in Geneva (1951), measuring 140 meters (460 feet).

Choosing Wind Chimes for Your Garden

Basic wind chimes work better than more complex ones so as to not create imbalance in decor styles. It is important to place them wherever they blend in effortlessly.

When it comes to wind chimes, the tone is more significant than the look. Consider a simpler aluminum sort of wind chime over a more ornamental set since these generally generate a more pristine sound quality. Suspending your chimes at various heights is important when making your very own wind chime garden. Wind chimes, for instance, can be set up in a wide variety of places including a sundeck, in a small line of trees, as well as amid flowers. Each and every instant the wind blows, the tones will intensely resonate across your garden. If you want to enjoy the aesthetic aspect of wind chimes, make sure they are in line of vision by placing them where they will reflect the sunlight at dawn and at sunset. Wind chime gardens made of aluminum fit well with stone decor, flowing water (including a waterfall or a birdbath) and evergreens.

Ideas for Your Perfect Spot Indoors or Outdoors

The best feng shui fountain will go a long way towards helping you create a perfect tranquil spot. The best idea is to get a garden or home waterfall. It is a beautiful addition to the decoration of any house. So that you can enjoy your outdoor fountain from inside the house as well, choose a good spot for it.

The most attractive water fountains incorporate flowers and plants. Look for plant types that thrive throughout the year. In addition, think about adding other elements such as an outdoor fireplace, art, or pretty stones.

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