Rock Art 101: Petroglyph and pictograph training


Rock Art 101 is the multi-faceted program is designed to address the growing public interest in Archaeology in general and Rock Art Petroglyphs & Pictographs in particular.  A PhD in Anthropology, working as an Archaeologist, and a part time sculptor to boot! He created the garden art fountain installation at the Heritage center, and the Cultural Heritage Planning and Management company, has published several books and countless articles on the subject of archaeology and rock Art. Mister Kaye is a retired Engineer, works as an independent  rock art researcher, and operates a petroglyph based art business.


About our Seminars

Our seminars are held in the comfort of and convenience of hotel conference rooms. Whenever possible we try to negotiate special room rates for out-of-area attendees wishing to stay over at the hotel.  The seminars are either one or two days, the first day consists of lecture, Power Point presentation and hands on exercises. The second day, when offered, consists of a field trip to a nearby rock art site. Day #1 is divide into 6 or 7 modules addressing specific subjects with short breaks in-between. Custom seminars can be developed for groups wanting specialized training